My Photojournalistic approach, clearly bears witness to my native roots of Brooklyn, New York. With a culturally diverse background and being exposed early on to a variety of foods, music and the arts, I became an open-minded, well-rounded individual. I also learned from a young age to appreciate that life is filled with many moments that need to be captured and remembered. Now it's all about client experience. If they have a good time and end up with beautiful results at the end, I'm happy to be a part of preserving their cherished memories and historic moments.

My fascination with photography began at 8 years old with the Polaroid camera, and its pictures that seemed to develop like magic before my eyes. By high school, my interest had grown to include the Canon AE-1, yup film!!! In my excitement of using a roll of film for the first time, I was disappointed to find no pictures developed from it due to improperly loading the film. A lesson learned, yet continued without dampened enthusiasm. Now focused on both the technical and artistic aspects of photography, I have expanded in style and scope. My repertoire includes Branding, Real Estate, Wedding, Event and Portraiture. With features in the Delaware News Journal and various social media sites. I work to be the photographer of choice for top sales agents at Coldwell Banker, Remax, and Blenheim Builders to name a few.

I have a loving and supportive (as well as beautiful) wife who has become my second shooter and travel partner. She tries to keep me straight and occasionally she is successful! I love to mentor and support fellow photographers, creatives and entrepreneurs. After many years employed in Corporate Banking and 8 years as a Realtor, I am now doing what I love for a living. Rather than have a specific niche of expertise in the business, I say, “If you love what you do, why limit yourself?!” This passion for photography drives me to get the shots you desire!

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